Will your life be a tragedy or powerful?

I am currently reading a book by my friend, Beau Henderson, the Rich Life, Ten Investments for True Wealth. On page 119 toward the bottom of the page he wrote, “There is nothing more tragic than a dreamer who does nothing and nothing more powerful than a dreamer who takes action.”

WOW! What an incredible statement. The graveyard remains full of people who died with the dream still in them. How many musicians or singers have died with the music still inside of them? How many inventors kept their invention only in their mind? How many artists hid their paintings? How many authors have buried a best-selling book inside of them? How many motivational speakers have died with their speeches still inside them?

Too often people want to wait until everything in their life is perfect before they pursue their dreams. I have heard people say, “When I have enough money, I will take that dream vacation.” Although, I do not agree with living above your means, most people if they will be disciplined can save enough money in a short period of time to take that dream vacation.

My wife and I had a dream to take an Alaskan Cruise. We didn’t think it was possible without going thousands of dollars in debt but I told her, “Let’s save for a period of two years and we can pay for that vacation.” Not only did we take a seven day cruise, we flew into Fairbanks. We spent one entire day on a train going through Denali. We saw wonderful scenery that we had previously viewed in a book. We enjoyed a ten day vacation which was the longest vacation we had ever taken.

Will your life end in tragedy because you have a dream but do nothing to fulfill it or will your life be powerful because you take steps to make your dream a reality? You have the choice today. What will you do? Will you keep dreaming without any action? Will you keep coming up with reasons why your dream can’t come to fruition?

Tragedy or Power?

What is your dream? Share it with us and what your plan is to make it happen.

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       James Barber

       Author of The Networking Guru