Putting Service in Customer Service

Have you ever been some place and they give you exceptional service?

It is customary in some countries that when one eats at a restaurant that has a wait staff, the customer tips a minimum of 15%.

If you are at a restaurant and the waiter or waitress gives phenomenal service then the tip may be more than 15%.

In Bob Burg’s Book, Go Giver, he discusses a principle where some will not meet expectations, others will meet expectations but a few will exceed expectations.

I have a good friend who demonstrates putting service in customer service and exceeding expectations.

I first met Dr. Jim Kileen playing racquetball at LA Fitness in John’s Creek Georgia. He is a fierce competitor on the court and I enjoy the competition. After a few conversations, he told me he is a third generation chiropractor and had his own clinic. Since his clinic was approximately one hour from our house, I thought we would never use his service.

My wife started experiencing severe back pain. On one particular Sunday morning, she woke up in excruciating pain. Since I had his cell number, I called Dr. Kileen and ask him what we should do. His clinic hours are Monday through Friday and Saturday by appointment only. He does not work on Sundays nor does any other chiropractor that I know. He told me if we would come to his clinic he would try to relieve her pain, which he did.

Recently, I experienced some low back pain. I called him and told him about the pain. He said that when I left the gym, he would be glad to see me. He closes at noon on Wednesdays but he met me at his office at 7 p.m. He was able to give me some relief from the lower back pain. This totally exceeded what I expected from him. Some would have said, "call the office and make an appointment", others would have said, "I can see you tomorrow" but he saw me after hours and did not charge extra for this visit.

Dr. Jim Kileen and Heritage Chiropractic and Wellness Center definitely went above and beyond the call of duty.

Do you know someone who puts service in customer service? Tell us about him or her.   

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       James Barber

       Author of The Networking Guru